Frankfurt am Main - Bahnhofsviertel
The diverse area around the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) in Frankfurt

The area around the train station has always been the subject of many conversations or even discussions. It is a vibrating area full of life- at any time of the day. Many offices and shops can be found here, but a relatively small number of inhabitants live in this area. There is an exotic, exciting feeling about this place where people from many nations and cultures meet. A park called Nizza, beautifully situated at the shore of the river Main, can be found in the southern part of this area. Many Mediterranean flowers have been planted here, giving the park its name.
In this area, there is a great and varied choice of international restaurants, take-aways and shops offering a seemingly endless range of treats. The main station (Hauptbahnhof) is an impressive Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) building which remained undamaged during World War II. Many nearby hotels, for example Hotel Minerva, invite guests to spend a relaxing and enjoyable time here. It is only a short walk from the hotel to the Kaiserstraße in the heart of Frankfurt. People from many countries live in the area around the main station, therefore tolerance is very important here- live and let live. The infamous red-light district is nowadays only a very small part of this area. Drug abuse is not an issue any more around the main station or indeed in the city of Frankfurt as many social institutions helped with this problem. Today, guided tours offer interesting insights into this part of Frankfurt which was often considered as a “dangerous area”. This is a thing of the past: Today, open-air concerts and theatre performances are held here. Hotels near the train station surprise their guests with exceptional service and attractive facilities and features. A good example is the Hotel Minerva. In the area around the train station, you will find the mosque belonging to the Islamic Cultural Centre and also museums, for example the Hammermuseum Frankfurt. This interesting area combines a multicultural atmosphere with many cultural and culinary highlights- joie de vivre is the motto here. Frankfurt is a lively and diverse city and the area around the train station is the perfect place to experience this.